Working Group: Standards 1 & 2 - Mission & Goals

Meeting Minutes


September 25, 2017 PDF Icon Intranet Icon October 13, 2017 PDF Icon Intranet Icon November 10, 2017 PDF Icon Intranet Icon
December 8, 2017 PDF Icon Intranet Icon



Members by Title and Role on Working Group

Name Title Role on
Working Group
Renae Rokicki Administration, Project & Strategic Planning Co-Chair
Tom Schwartz Interim Chair, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Co-Chair
Margaret Bourke Administration, Academic Affairs Admin Support
Jeffrey Bogart Chair, Radiation Oncology Member
Rajesh Dave Professor, Clinical Campus Member
Danielle Katz Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education Member
Mark Schmitt Dean, College of Graduate Studies Member
Ramesh Sachdeva Senior Vice President, Strategic Affairs Member
Adham Alifarag Student, Class of 2020 Student Member
Dominic LaBella Student, Class of 2021 Student Member
Resident, Pathology PGY 3 Resident Member

Data Collection Instrument (DCI) Standard I PDF Icon

Data Collection Instrument (DCI) Standard II PDF Icon