Couplet Care

At the Jim and DeDe Walsh Birth Center, we support and practice couplet care-which means the mother and baby remain together, as a pair, while in the hospital

Couplet care means that mother and baby remain together, as a pair, while in the hospital. The couplet care method promotes stronger family bonding and attachment. Mother and family can have less anxiety after discharge because they learn the newborn care needs, sleep patterns, breathing sounds, and eating patterns before going home. One nurse will care for both mom and baby and is trained to provide the best care for both. Because the mothers and babies remain united during this post birth time, this allows the significant other and family of the baby to be involved from birth until discharge. Everyone benefits from the bonding and being a complete family unit. Studies have shown that babies, in their mother's presence, cry less, have lower blood pressures, pulses and respirations, more stable temperatures, and have greater breast feeding success. Couplet care allows staff to have an enhanced teaching opportunity with mothers and families. Couplet care promotes family bonding and allows for first hand awareness of the newborns' patterns.

Benefits of Couplet Care:

  • One nurse cares for mother and baby
  • Baby remains at mother's bedside
  • Personalized care provides a better education for parents
  • Mom is more prepared to go home with confidence
  • Maternal-infant bonding is promoted
  • Improved medical staff and nursing communication
  • Improved success of breastfeeding
  • Mother has piece of mind with baby at bedside
  • No special moments are missed
  • Improved family satisfaction