Department Representatives

A special thank you to all our dedicated department representatives... because of your leadership, we are confident that this campaign will be another huge success!

Bring in an Agency speaker to your staff meeting and receive a lunch bag for you and everyone who attends. If you would like an agency speaker to  present at a staff meeting, please call 315 464-4836.

9 Great Tips for Reps

From department reps who can vouch for their success!

  1. Share incentives information
  2. Make a personal "ask"
  3. Have a competition with another dept
  4. Throw a kickoff party
  5. Share campaign message and materials with your department(s) at staff meetings or other opportunities.
  6. Share campaign publicity (from UpOnline, Announcements, etc.) with co-workers via email
  7. Send a personal "thank you" note
  8. Ask for a 24-hour turnaround
  9. Encourage 1st-time donors

Department Representatives

Academic Affairs Patricia Gooden
Accounting & Budgeting Kolleen Buck
Accounts Payable Sandra Mascari
Advanced Practice Services Renee Calkins
Alumni Office (Medical) Lori Murphy
Amb Peds Hem/Onc& Infusion CtrSandra Flowers
Ambulatory Call Center Carmella Carroll
Ambulatory Services Admin Linda Destefano
Anatomic Pathlgy-CytopathologyKathleen Sayles
Anesthesiology Kimberly Hare
Anesthesiology (Hospital) Kimberly Hare
Biochemistry&Molecular BiologyPenny McPhilmy
Bioethics And Humanities Kathleen Szczech
Cancer Center-Administration Heidi Chapman
Cancer Center-Multidis Suite Christina Morhiser
Cancer Ctr-Hematology/OncologyJacquelyn Connolly
Cell & Developmental Biology Julie Arrigo
Central Distribution Services Yvonne Goodman
Central Equipment Services Kathryn Boardman
Central Stores Carissa McNeilly
Centralized Patient Transport Michelle Pavlovitz
CG-2E-OB/GYN/Nursery Amy Rottger
CG-2N-Labor & Delivery Amy Rottger
CG-3N-ICU Melissa Martin
CG-3N-ICU (co-rep) Megan Greenman
CG-3W-Tele/Med/Surg Melissa Martin
CG-3W-Tele/Med/Surg (co-rep) Megan Greenman
CG-4E-Inpatient Rehab Megan Greenman
CG-4N-Med/Surg Megan Greenman
CG-5E-Transitional Care Unit Amy Rottger
CG-5W-Inpatient Psychiatry Mary Prendergast
CG-5W-Inpatient Psychiatry (co-rep) Megan Greenman
CG-6-Med/Surg Megan Greenman
CG-Ambulatory Services Admin Beth Sellers
CG-Bariatric Program Beth Sellers
CG-Bariatric/Gen Surg Clinic Beth Sellers
CG-Business Development Beth Sellers
CG-Case Management Melissa Martin
CG-Case Management Megan Greenman
CG-Central Services Tracy Pileski
CG-Clinical Engineering LisaMarie Vigliotti-Bane
CG-CT Scanner Jennifer Carey
CG-Emergency Dept Allison Roberts
CG-ENT Clinic Beth Sellers
CG-Environmental Services Beth Sellers
CG-Facilities & Construction Beth Sellers
CG-Golisano After Hours Mona Smith
CG-Golisano After Hours (co-rep)Megan Greenman
CG-Grounds & Parking James O'Brien
CG-Health Education Beth Sellers
CG-Health Education Registry Beth Sellers
CG-Health Office Megan Greenman
CG-Hospital Administration Beth Sellers
CG-Illustration Services Beth Sellers
CG-Infection Control Melissa Martin
CG-Infection Control (co-rep) Megan Greenman
CG-Inpatient Wound Care Melissa Martin
CG-Inpatient Wound Care (co-rep) Megan Greenman
CG-Materials Management LisaMarie Vigliotti-Bane
CG-Medical Admin Services Beth Sellers
CG-Midwifery Clinic Beth Sellers
CG-NSS Admin Supervisors Beth Sellers
CG-NSS Float Pool Tina Passett
CG-Nuclear Medicine Jennifer Carey
CG-Nurse Practitioners Melissa Martin
CG-Nurse Practitioners (co-rep) Megan Greenman
CG-Nursing Services Melissa Martin
CG-Nursing Services (co-rep)Megan Greenman
CG-Operating Room Melissa Martin
CG-Operating Room (co-rep) Megan Greenman
CG-OR Materials Tracy Pileski
CG-PACU Julie Bell
CG-Patient Access Megan Carey
CG-Patient Testing Ctr (PTC) Julie Bell
CG-Pharmacy Susan Fry
CG-Plant Operations James O'Brien
CG-Purchasing LisaMarie Vigliotti-Bane
CG-Quality Services Beth Sellers
CG-Radiology Jennifer Carey
CG-Radiology MRI Jennifer Carey
CG-Radiology RNs Jennifer Carey
CG-Radiology RNs (co-rep) Georgia Culver
CG-Respiratory Therapy Jennifer Carey
CG-Risk Management Beth Sellers
CG-Social Work Melissa Martin
CG-Surgery Center Julie Bell
CG-Surgery Center (co-rep) Megan Greenman
CG-Switchboard LisaMarie Vigliotti-Bane
CG-Ultrasound LisaMarie Vigliotti-Bane
CG-Urology Clinic Beth Sellers
CG-Vascular Access Jennifer Carey
CG-Vascular Surgery Clinic Beth Sellers
CG-Wellspring Breast Center Jennifer Carey
CG-Women's Health Netwk Adm Beth Sellers
CHP-Cardiovascular Perfusion Lynn Kennedy
CHP-Clincl Laboratory Science Judith Ziobrowski
CHP-Dean's Office Linda Curry
CHP-Medical Imaging Sciences Lynn Kennedy
CHP-Physical Therapy Doreen Spencer
CHP-Physician Assnt Studies Sheila Singleton-Best
CHP-Radiation Therapy Techn Anne Starowicz
CHP-Respiratory Therapy Educ Lynn Kennedy
Clinical Campus (all)Colleen Malarkey
Clin Path-Blood Bank Michelle Gugliotta
Clin Path-Cord Blood Bank Karla Lauenstein
Clin Path-Core Laboratory Christine McGivney
Clin Path-Cytogenetics Christine McGivney
Clin Path-Histocompatibility Kathleen Sayles
Clin Path-Immunology Sophia Lustrinelli
Clin Path-Micro & Virology Michelle Gugliotta
Clin Path-Molecular Sophia Lustrinelli
Clin Practice Analysis&SupportMaureen Fleming
Clinical Campus Colleen Malarkey
Clinical Engineering John Costello
Clinical Neurophysiology Catherine Disalto
Clinical Pathology Kathleen Sayles
Clinical Pathology Admin Sophia Lustrinelli
Clinical Research Unit Kimberly Hope
College Of Nursing Pamela Bowman
Contracts & Campus Purchasing Christine Mieczkowski
Curriculum Development Offc Patricia Gooden
Dean's Office-Coll Of MedicineChristine Liberty
Dental Clinic Tabatha White
Diversity And Inclusion Lisa Gooley
Duplicating & Printing Daniel Dippel
Electrocardiology (EKG) Jennifer Carey
Emergency Management Christophe Dunham
Emergency Medicine Lisa Vogtle
Emergency Services Admin Maria Pembrook
Employee Assistance Program Lisa Gooley
Employee/Student Health Svc Lisa Gooley
Environmental Health & Safety Jacqueline Furbeck
Environmental Services Jason Rupert
Equipment And Supply LogisticsRobert Lotkowictz
Family Medicine Dorene McCann
Family Medicine-CNYOHCC Tina Krishock
Finance & Management Karen Hodge
Financial Services Admin. Tracy Frier
Financial Services-General Tracy Frier
Financial Services-Patient Tracy Frier
Geriatrics Medicine Elizabeth Thorpe
Graduate Medical Education Suzanne Henderson-Kendrick
Graduate Studies Jennifer Brennan
HealthLink Tracie Alexander
Hospital Administration Shari Grant
Hospital Planning Shari Grant
Hospital Purchasing Kristy Davis
Human Resources Lisa Gooley
Human Resources-OTD/Clin EducsLisa Gooley
Immune Health Services Lois Needham
IMT-Administration Margaret Riley
IMT-Administrative Info Sys Kathryn Pantaleo
IMT-Ambulatory Elec Med Rec Constance Chwalek
IMT-Ambulatory Practice Mgt Constance Chwalek
IMT-Customer Support Margaret Riley
IMT-Educational CommunicationsPeter Thomas
IMT-Health Information Mgmt Sofia Hvozda
IMT-Hospital Info Systems Tammy Blackburn
IMT-Oper & Netwkng-Campus Margaret Riley
IMT-Operations & Networking Margaret Riley
IMT-Telecommunications Tracey Cartland
Infection Control Candia Keehfus
Institutnl Compliance & EthicsLoretta Harris Stickane
Internal Audit Kolleen Buck
Internal Medicine - Harrison Elizabeth Thorpe
Interventional Radiology Shantel Henry
Joslin Diabetes Center Kathryn Lambert
Laboratory Animal Resources Karen Coty
Laundry & Linen Services Lisa Taegder-Cusumano
Library Dinita Machlin
Mail Room Peter DeSantis
Marketing & University Comm Stephanie DeJoseph
Materials Management Admin Kristy Davis
MedBest Medical Mgt Sheila Miles
Medical Quality Office Beth Sellers
Medical Staff Service Michelle Endresz
Medicine Elizabeth Thorpe
Medicine-Amb Medicine Karan Lukasiewicz
Medicine-Cardiac Cath Lab Elizabeth Thorpe
Medicine-EP Lab Elizabeth Thorpe
Medicine-Stress/Echo Lab Elizabeth Thorpe
Microbiology & Immunology Donna Welch
Neurology Donna Cairns
Neuroscience & Physiology Wendi Burnette
Neurosurgery Lisa Poirier
Neurosurgery - IOM Lisa Poirier
NSS-CG Psychiatry Float Pool Mary Prendergast
NSS-CG-Nursing Support Pool Tina Passett
NSS-Support Pool-ICU Nicole Staring
NSS-Support Pool-Med/Surg Nicole Staring
Nursing-10E-Oncology Maria Kittleman
Nursing-10G-Medicine Linh Nguyen
Nursing-10G-Medicine (co-rep)Suzanne Heselton
Nursing-10H-Bone Marrow Christophe Scott
Nursing-10I-Apheresis/InfusionSuzanne Heselton
Nursing-11E-Pediatrics Renee McKenney
Nursing-11E-Pediatrics (co-rep) Amie Lorini
Nursing-11G-Peds Hematology Sandra Flowers
Nursing-12E-Pediatrics Erin Shortslef
Nursing-12F-Pediatrics Erin Shortslef
Nursing-2N-Rehabilitation Bettie Loughrey
Nursing-4B-Psychiatry Laurel Bennett
Nursing-5A-Surg/ENT/Gyn Daneen Bellinger
Nursing-5B-Surg/Tran/Gu Mary Martinez
Nursing-5E-Pre/Post Tonya Seckner
Nursing-6A-Medicine/Pulmonar Erin Kennedy
Nursing-6B-Medicine/Telemetry Janet Cooper
Nursing-6E-Burn Unit/ICU Denise Letourneau
Nursing-6H-Medical ICU Despina Garcia
Nursing-6I-Medical ICU Despina Garcia
Nursing-6K-CP Med/Surg Lynne Ferraro
Nursing-7A-Orthopedics Magen Buczek
Nursing-7U-Secured Unit Erin Kennedy
Nursing-8E-Surgical ICU Denise Letourneau
Nursing-8F-CP/ICU Miki Williams
Nursing-8G-Medicine/Cardio Mary Martinez
Nursing-9E-Neuro Step-Down Tiquana Rice
Nursing-9F-Neuroscience ICU Danielle Nesbitt
Nursing-9G-Neuroscience Danielle Nesbitt
Nursing-Administration Laurie Nicoletti
Nursing-Amb. Procedures (AP1) Leonard Hurteau
Nursing-Case Management Sandra Widger
Nursing-Ctr Child Surg-O.R. Marilyn Vohs
Nursing-Ctr Chld Surg Pre/PostMarilyn Vohs
Nursing-ED Float Pool Tracy Davis
Nursing-ED-Adult Susan Rainbow
Nursing-ED-Pediatric Kasie Maclachlan
Nursing-Endoscopy Lori Vanderwerken
Nursing-Extended Leave Pool Melissa Martin
Nursing-Gamma Knife Gretchen Dwyer
Nursing-Hyperbaric Unit Kimberly Rouselle
Nursing-Intraoperative MRI Janell Gage
Nursing-NSS Clinical Supp-M/S Seema Dejoy
Nursing-NSS ICU Per Diem FloatNicole Staring
Nursing-NSS M/S Per Diem FloatSeema Dejoy
Nursing-NSS Office Staff Jo Kukula
Nursing-NSS SCA Floats Jo Kukula
Nursing-NSS-ICU/Swat Gr18 FloaNicole Staring
Nursing-NSS/HCT/LPN/UST/NSC Quonitra Bullock
Nursing-Ophthalmology Amb.CareMary Ann Jardin
Nursing-OR Connie Hall
Nursing-OR Float Pool Connie Hall
Nursing-Peds Float Pool Rebecca Mesmer
Nursing-Peds Specialty Ctr Linda McAleer
Nursing-Peds Specialty Ctr (co-rep) Ann Holmes
Nursing-Peds SWAT Erin Shortslef
Nursing-Preadmission Testing Lisa Mitchell
Nursing-PSS-Admin Sup Jo Kukula
Nursing-PSS-Admin Sup (co-rep) Kimberly Amodio
Nursing-Radiology Christophe Nichols
Nursing-Recruitment Office Caitlin Nye
Nursing-Stroke Program Jennifer Schleier
Nursing-Surgical Svcs Admin Michelle Lonkey
Nursing-Transitions in Care Karin McMullen
Nursing-Transplant Clinic Amanda Demperio
Nursing-Trauma Care Service Michelle Lewis
Nursing-Vascular Access Team Georgia Culver
O.R. Materials Tracy Pileski
OASIS Tracie Alexander
Obstetrics & Gynecology Carole Ozark
Office of Capital Programs James Nighan
Office Of General Counsel Debra Williams
Office Of Patient Experience Diane Robinson
Office Of The President Nancy Prott
Ophthalmology Carol Miller
Orthopedic Services Andrea McCartney
Orthopedic Surgery Andrea McCartney
Otolaryngology & Comm SciencesRobin Brozak
Otolaryngology Amb Care Sharon Rice
Pathlgy-Univ Pathologists Lab Kathleen Sayles
Pathology Carol Barnett
Pathology-Hospital Kathleen Sayles
Patient Access Services Carol Andrews
Patient Educ & Interpreter SvcElizabeth Thorpe
Patient Relations/Guest Svcs Amy Szczesniak
Payroll Services Alyssa Pidgeon
Pediatric & Adolescent Center Felicia Green-Kirkland
Pediatric Administration Jennifer Gibson-Speicher
Pediatric Urology Erin VanBeveren
Pediatric-Devlpmntl Eval Ctr Mary Ellen Annesi
Pediatrics Suzanne Addabbo
Peds Nephrology & RheumatologyNicole Hanas
Peds Support Pool Amie Lorini
Peds-Ctr Dev Behvr & Genetics Nicole Hanas
Perinatal Center Tammy Lohnes
Perioperative Services Admin Anne Snowdon
Pharmacology Katherine Magnarelli
Pharmacy Carli Rainbow
Pharmacy Development Kimberly Richardson
Phys Plant-Administration (alll) Robert Lotkowictz
Physical Med & Rehab Admin Mary Ann Baker
Physical Med & Rehabilitation Mary Ann Baker
PM&R - Rehab Therapies Kerry Walsh
Poison Center T Michele Caliva
Prof Practice & Innovation Elizabeth LaDuke
Property Management Paul Hrybinczak
Psychiatry Jean Pollock
Psychiatry (co-rep) Lisa Cardella
Psychiatry-Adult Clinic Lisa Cardella
Psychiatry-Child Clinic Lisa Cardella
Psychiatry-Clinical PsychologyJean Pollock
Public Hlth & Preventive Med Cheryl Roe
Public Relations Stephanie DeJoseph
Pulmonary Function Laboratory Jennifer Carey
Radiation Oncology Gretchen Dwyer
Radiation Oncology-Cancer Ctr Gretchen Dwyer
Radiation Safety Donna Fritz
Radiology Anne Jones
Radiology (co-rep) Marlene Hawley
Radiology Sciences Donna Fritz
Radiology-Administration Anne Jones
Radiology-CT Anne Jones
Radiology-Diag Ultrasound Anne Jones
Radiology-Diagnostic Anne Jones
Radiology-MRI Anne Jones
Radiology-Nuclear Medicine Anne Jones
Receiving Lisa Taegder-Cusumano
Record Storage Trymeter Carter
Rehabilitation Psychology Mary Ann Baker
Research Administration Michelle Strom
Respiratory Care Services Jennifer Carey
Risk Management Shari Perkins
Shared Business & Admin Svcs Kolleen Buck
Social Work Jennifer Kite
Spiritual Care Father Eji Onyenagubo
Sterile Processing Tracy Pileski
Student Affairs Tanya Milazzo
Student Affairs-Admissions Tanya Milazzo
Student Affairs-Financial Aid Tanya Milazzo
Student Affairs-Registrar Tanya Milazzo
Student Affairs-Student Union Tanya Milazzo
Student Billing & Cashiering Kolleen Buck
Suny Ctr For Prof Development Paulette Sturick
Surgery-Breast Care Nancy Walklett
Surgery-General Kim Hanifin
Surgery-Kidney Transplant Amanda Demperio
Surgical Ambulatory Care Elizabeth Lasagna
Tumor Registry Kathryn St.Onge
UHCC - Neurology Amanda Sprague
UHCC-Family Medicine PBO Deborah Vigliotti
University Cardiology Holly Jordan
University Police Mark Stafford
Upstate Connect Carol Andrews
Upstate Foundation Pamela Ward
Upstate Outpatient Surgery CtrTracy Biedermann
Upstate Pediatrics April Curtis
Upstate Sleep Center Jennifer Carey
Upstate Triage & Transfer Ctr T Michele Caliva
Upstate Univ Med Assoc @ Syr Christine Sauve
Upstate Urology-550 Harrison Susan Schulze
Urology Susan Schulze
Utilization Management Ava Sullivan
Volunteer Services Kristin Bruce
Women's Health Services Elizabeth Drescher
Women's Imaging Nancy Walklett