Honor Your Colleague

Honor Your Colleague is a way to make a charitable donation to Omicron Alpha while honoring someone who has inspired or influenced you in some way.

Your donation will go to activities that support our goals:

  • Building a community of nurses committed to scholarship, leadership, and research
  • Enhancing the image of nursing and nursing activities
  • Developing the members* basic and advanced leadership skills
  • Promoting member intellectual stimulation and development
  • Expanding the base of nursing knowledge
  • Integrating research into nursing practice and into the design of health care services

This program is designed to allow you the opportunity to honor someone and support Omicron Alpha at the same time.

How to honor that special someone:

Click here to fill out the form PDF Icon

  • Be sure to include the person you want to honor and why you choose them for this honor. Also include the amount and how you want the funds to be used by Omicron Alpha.
  • You can donate as often as you wish , for as many people you would like to honor, in any amount. We are encouraging a minimum donation of $20.00, but it can be made in any amount you choose thereafter. You might consider a donation of $100.00. This may sound like a lot, but if you sent in 5 twenty dollar donations over a years time it could be very manageable.

We currently have 181 active members of this chapter—a one hundred dollar donation from each member would be $ 18,100.00. Just think what this chapter could accomplish with that kind of money!!!

You help support the chapter, get a charitable donation for your taxes, and the chapter gets funds to support activities and goals that we as members have decided are important to the chapter.

After receiving your honoree's name and your check for the amount you have chosen, the individual will receive a certificate stating that they are being honored and that a charitable donation has been made in their name to Omicron Alpha.

The list of honorees will be published in our newsletter and on our web page as we receive them. We also hope to share the nursing stories that inspired us to honor them and they may inspire others to do the same.

Honor them for:

  • Caring for patients above and beyond what their duty calls for them to do.
  • Managing the care of a very difficult patient
  • Providing outstanding ability in teaching you and others how to use what you learn , to grow personally and. professionally
  • Inspiring you to look at health care in a new way.
  • Mentoring you to reach out for things greater then you ever thought was possible.
  • Making a difference in your nursing career, in any way, shape, or form.