List of Honorees

Janice Nelson
She is an outstanding teacher, a true and dedicated educator, a wonderful mentor. She has dedicated her life to nursing and helping her fellow colleagues grow and succeed. She is the epitomy of a professional.

Judi Smith
She was a role model for leadership, excellence in nursing practice, dedication to increasing nursing knowledge through BS education. She maintained high standards of performance for her staff and had the expectation of the highest levels of personal integrity for staff which served to motivate high standards of patient care in the areas that she supervised.

Bonnie Miner
Bonnie is always willing to assist me when I have questions. Her enthusiasm for OA is very contagious and I feel she is a great role model for all nurses!! She always goes to great lengths for OA and contributed more than anyone!
Thanks Bonnie

She is one of the most involved, enthusiastic, and supportive members of the SUNY Upstate CON community. She is a real team player who always makes positive contributions to whatever project she is involved with.

Susan Bastable and Barbara VanNoy
They were instrumental in providing support and faith in my newly achieved abilities as a practicing registered nurse. For their sincere loving support.
Thank you.