Ruth Weinstock Addresses Class of 2019 at White Coat Ceremony

Weinstock Addresses students

Dr. Ruth Weinstock gave an outstanding address to the incoming medical students at the White Coat Ceremony held August 6, 2015.

“You are beginning a lifelong journey in Medicine, and are at the start of building new relationships within our communities. People will be putting their lives and their trust in your hands. It is a humbling and most rewarding experience. Being a physician is a privilege and a huge responsibility. Openness will be my theme today. Life-long openness.”

Dr. Weinstock went on to elaborate on the importance of openness in all aspects of the practice of medicine. She emphasized learning, growth, and teamwork as students and our future doctors navigate their way through medical school and beyond.

She closed with an expression of confidence and hopefulness in the class of 2019:

“With openness to learning, openness to your patients, openness to your healthcare team members, openness to change, openness to discovery, and openness to your communities, I am confident that you will be successful physicians, you will be fulfilled,