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The Yang Lab

Emotional feeding circuit


The Zhu Lab

Studying Neural Stem Cells

neural stem cells

The Yang Lab

Studying functional role of glia




The Eric Olson Lab, in collaboration with the Howell Laboratory, has found that the secreted ligand Reelin promotes both orientation and dendritogenesis of neurons during early cortical development. This response occurs within 4 hr of Reelin application we are exploring the role of additional signaling systems that coordinate the positioning and integration of immature neurons within a forming cortical circuit. In this slide: Aberrant cellular orientation and dendritic growth in Reelin–sigaling deficient mutant compared to control littermate.

Graduate Programs

Programs Overview

Our department has the dual responsibilities of delivering courses to medical and graduate students. We teach two primary courses to first year medical students: Neuroscience and Medical Physiology. We deliver a full curriculum to graduate students interested in two disciplines: neuroscience and physiology. In addition, we train undergraduates in research and post-doctoral fellows in research and we provide opportunities for medical and post-graduate physicians to obtain research experience.