One of many research initiatives in the Matthews' lab focuses on the role of extracellular matrix and cell surface glycoproteins in the developing nervous system and in learning, memory, plasticity and diseases. This slide shows extracellular matrix (ECM) staining on a glioma initiating cell.


Year 1



GS604 Research Opportunities - 4 credits
GS892 Journal club - 1 credit
N507 Introduction to Neuroscience (also available in the summer) - 3 credits
or N601 Neuroscience - 3 credits

8 credits

Year 2


GS603 Responsible Conduct - 2 credits
N613 Sensory Integration - 2 credits
N614 Motor and Cognitive Function - 2 credits

6 credits


Topics courses:

Other options

N621 Neuroanatomy Laboratory - 2 credits
GS605 Grant Writing - 3 credits
Various statistics courses - 2-3 credits
Courses hosted by other programs

Total Required Coursework - 30 credits


Qualifying Exam

Year 3 to completion

N700 Research in Neuroscience - 60 or less credits