Research Highlights

The Yang Lab

Emotional feeding circuit


The Zhu Lab

Studying Neural Stem Cells

neural stem cells

The Yang Lab

Studying functional role of glia


Patricia Kane, PhD

Barry Knox, PhD

Now is a very exciting time in our department. With the advent of new imaging and molecular techniques, scientific doors that were previously closed have been flung wide open. Read more...

Research Highlights

The Yang Lab

FigureDrs. Sweeney and Yang, published a paper that describes how specific neurons bidirectionally communicate with emotional circuitry to control emotional aspects of feeding behavior in Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism. Read more...


The Zhu Labnsc

Drs. Li and Xie in the Zhu lab published a paper that reports a novel mechanism of Notch-mediated maintenance of neural stem cells in developing brains in the July 15 issue of Development - a leading primary research journal covering the field of developmental biology. Read more...

astrocyteThe Yang Lab

Drs. Yang, Qi, and Yang published a paper that reveals glial functional roles in the control of food intake in mice by using chemo/optogenetic approach, cell-type-specific electrophysiology and feeding assays, in Cell Reports, an open-access journal from Cell press. Read more...



The Olson Lab

Drs O'Dell and Olson published a paper that describes a study into the cellular and molecular processes of cerebral cortex development—the brain’s outer layer of neural tissue—is featured on the cover of the July 29 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience, the official publication of the Society of Neuroscience. Read more...